SinfulColors Beverly Hills

Do you ever leave the bar and start heading home even though you don’t really want to go home so you decide to stop at the 24 hour Walgreens and do a little late night nail polish shopping? No? Probably not, because you probably aren’t crazy like I am. But, that is how I came to obtain this nail polish. I had been wanting this nail polish more or less for the name so luckily I spotted the SinfulColors Beverly Hills display.

Beverly Hills is a very pale pink leaning purple creme. When on this polish is very subtle, which I love considering it’s not your normal subtle nude or pink. The formula was great; 2 coats would have been fine but I am an habitual 3 coater so I did use 3.

I find this name very appropriate for this color; super chic and subtle. While Beverly Hills isn’t exactly subtle, I can definitely see myself wearing this next time I’m shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Make sure to check out Katie’s post on another polish from this collection; Verbena.


6 responses to “SinfulColors Beverly Hills

  1. LOVE this color!!! I’m now on the hunt.

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  3. Yea I have this nail polish and i love it so much that when i thought i lost it and I went to three different walgreens to find it. First would be because I work for Walgreens, and second they were on sale for 99 cents. Plus it had just bought it two days before that and didnt even get to use it. Plus I had it hidden for when i knew it would go on sale soon. Well I didnt find a new one but i had looked everywhere in my whole house except the couch my fiance was laying and i had asked him to check for it and he said he did. So i believed him. Well turns out my son found it in that same couch the very next day. My fiance called me at work just to tell me my son found it and was so happy. I was actually genuinely upset because I thought my mother in law or sister in law might have stolen it becuase they were both over that day. Ridiculous huh? All that over a nail polish! lol

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