SinfulColors Pink

Warning: you may need sunglasses for this post! SinfulColors has a (bad) habit of always do repromotions of polishes from their permanent line. Of course since it’s summer they are once again promoting their neon polishes in the same Neon Nights display from last summer. When I saw the display in Walgreens the other day it reminded me I needed to stop wearing OPI Just Groovy and wear some polishes that are only appropriate in the summer 🙂

Pink (871) is a very, VERY bright magenta creme. It’s so bright….much brighter than what a camera can pick up. The formula is a tad bit thin, it’s definitely a three coater. And because this is a neon it dries matte. A top coat is necessary!

I quite like neon nails but only during the summer months. Due to this, SinfulColors is a great option to get a neon polish or 2 since they are inexpensive but good quality.


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