Sephora by OPI Club Scene Queen

Hello gorgeous! I picked this up back in May along with Dark Room and Let’s Do Lunch. For whatever reason this polish didn’t really excite me in the bottle so I put off trying it out. But once I got it on I immediately fell in love!

Club Scene Queen is a blackened blue almost foil packed with a ton of microglitter. The formula is very thin; I needed 4 coats to get the color opaque. But it’s totally worth it! The color is so gorgeous and sparkles in the sun. I couldn’t stop looking at my nails!

For some terrible reason Sephora no longer makes this polish. And also terrible, I don’t have anything all that similar in my collection. OPI Yodel me on my Cell is kind of similar but the blue is lighter and it doesn’t have near as much sparkle.

If anyone knows any potential dupes please share!


4 responses to “Sephora by OPI Club Scene Queen

  1. I actually bought this about 6 months ago and for some reason never used it. After seeing your pic I’m gonna have to try it soon! It’s so pretty!

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