Glitter and Stripes Nail Art

I love holidays. I love them for all of the normal reasons to like holidays but I love them even more because it gives me an excuse to wear obnoxious holiday themed nail art! For this 4th of July weekend I definitely exercised my right to wear nail art 🙂

This is sort of my version of stars and stripes. I used OPI Perfectly Red as the base for my stripes. At first I only used Stripe Rite in white for my stripes but found them to be to stark so I topped them off with LA Colors Art Deco in Silver. For my “stars” I used Essie Mesmerize as the base and since there is no way I could do anything looking remotely like a star on my nails I used Love & Beauty Tinsel Town silver glitter as a substitute.

I love the way this turned out. It’s fun and super easy. Though I must say, I still kind of like my British manicure better!

Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday.


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