Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Yellow Kitty

The hunt for the perfect yellow nail polish seems to be never ending. I’ve gone through several recently and everything I posted about a yellow polish people would recommend this one. Finally, I decided to give it a try.

First of all, I love the name. Yellow Kitty…who doesn’t LOVE that name!? Anyway, Yellow Kitty is a pale yellow creme. I really like the color, and surprisingly it was quite flattering against my skintone. As with most (all!?) yellow polishes the formula left something to be desired. It’s not runny…but it is quite thin. I needed 4 coats to get an opaque color.

The color is quite similar to SinfulColors Unicorn. Considering the price difference, I’d recommend Unicorn over Yellow Kitty. The formulas are about the same.


4 responses to “Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Yellow Kitty

  1. I would love to see a polish named Ginger Kitty, of course it would have to be a shade of orange. I would so buy a polish called Ginger Kitty, even better a polish company come out with a collection of all kitty color names, how awesome would that be 😉

  2. I actually tried Unicorn couple days ago and it was *horribly* thin! Then I tried out Buttercup from Revlon Colorstay and it was much better.

    I may need to pick up Yellow Kitty some day. Love the name and seems be a bit more yellow-ish than Buttercup.

    • I love Buttercup as well, but it’s definitely a more muted yellow.

      Sadly, the formula of Yellow Kitty is no better than Unicorn. Yellow polishes are just so difficult!

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