SinfulColors – Verbena

Sinful Colors - Verbena Ver- what? Verbena! In case you don’t have an extensive flower background (like myself), Verbena is Genus of flowers that can be blue, pink, purple, or white. It’s also commonly known was Vervain – for you Vampire Diaries fans.

Verbena is part of two displays at the moment: Beverly Hills and Adventure Island – of course if you grab it from the Beverly Hills display you get a *free glam ring* which is very fashionable and the perfect accessory to any outfit… if you’re 12. Either way, the *glam ring* looks cute on the bottle.

Now onto the polish. As far as all the fuss about Adventure Island vs. OPI’s Pirates of the Caribbean – it’s darker than OPI’s Planks a Lot but it serves it’s purpose – though I would not say it’s a dupe at all – more a cheaper and suitable alternative. It’s a dusty lavender that’s super easy to apply. I only used two coats + a top coat and I’m very happy with the formula.

This polish is going to get me back into loving sinful colors – it’s been a while since I’ve bought any and I absolutely love it.

Happy Monday!


10 responses to “SinfulColors – Verbena

  1. That is a beautiful color. I’m always interested to know how long these less expensive colors last. How was the “chip” factor?

  2. Follow-up… to explain, I have terrible luck with the “nicer” stuff like Borghese and OPI. They chip within hours. It’s been my experience that certain drugstore brands last longer.

    • I really think wear depends on two things: your base and top coat – and you. I have a friend at work who uses OPI and it chips super fast for her, while it wears really well for me. Which brands work best for you? Do you use base/top coats?

  3. I use Borghese Magnetico base or Stickey, and then Seche Vite for top coat. They work best out of everything I’ve tried.

    Sally Hansen’s 10-day no chip color and some of the new Wet-n-Wild (I know) colors last the longest…. 1-2 days… before serious chippage. I’ve had some luck with nail decals, though those are hit or miss too.

    Who knows why they don’t last. Maybe my hair products erode them. πŸ™‚

    • Definitely could be the hair products…. I’ve never used Magnetico or Sticky – I’ve been alternating Beauty Secrets base coat (big round bottle at Sally’s) and Seche Clear. Can’t tell a big wear difference on either. I also like Sally Hansen’s Insta-grip. For a top coat I pretty much exclusively wear Seche Vite.

  4. Gorgeous colour, really pretty!!

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