Essie Over the Top

This is my favorite black polish for many, many reasons. I bought this polish during the 2008 Euro Cup. I was cheering for Germany and decided I needed the perfect black for the occasion. For that reason alone I always liked this polish, but the next Summer this just happened to be the nail polish I was wearing when I met my boyfriend (I realize it’s kind of sad I remember that, but he did comment on my nails! For that reason alone I should have figured out it was meant to be….). Aside from all of that, this is just an awesome polish!

Over the Top is from Essie’s Winter 2007 Pour it On collection and is a very interesting polish. The base is black but it is packed with silver, green and purple microgitter. The silver microglitter gives the polish a metallic finish making it appear a bit like a slightly dark gun metal gray. The green and purple microglitter can really only be seen in the sun.

Application is amazing. The formula isn’t thin or streaky and applied wonderfully in just 2 coats.

My bottle is a back label (so it’s the old Essie formula). According to Essie’s website this is not part of their current permanent collection but this polish is still for sale on the Ulta website as well as Amazon. So it seems this is not a difficult polish to find and is definitely worth hunting down πŸ™‚

Check out the picture below the jump to really see the shimmer this polish has to offer.




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