Celeb Nails – Britney Spears Inspired Mani (I Wanna Go)

Horray! My first celeb manicure post ๐Ÿ™‚ So… a few days ago Britney released a teaser video for I Wanna Go and of course I immediately noticed her nails! After Alli & I spent far longer than we’d admit trying to figure out if she had red or pink on her middle finger we settled on red. I went and grabbed my favorite white, black, and red and went to work.

I used Essie – Licorice, Wet n Wild – Red Red, and Sally Hansen Xtreme – White On. You could use any black, red, and white you choose. In fact, you could easily do this mani for under $3 if you chose all 3 from Wet n Wild: Red Red, Black Creme, and French White Creme.

I love this! I can see myself doing many variations on it ๐Ÿ™‚

Who else is excited for the full video premiere tomorrow?

Have a fantastic Tuesday!


9 responses to “Celeb Nails – Britney Spears Inspired Mani (I Wanna Go)

  1. I saw the teaser too! love this mani!

  2. Our time was well worth it! Love the manicure ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. OMG! I Thought I Was The Only One Looking At Her Nails! (:

  4. I thought it looked more pink than red…it woulda matched her hair…but the red looks great also!

  5. Thinking about doing a beachy interpretation of this…. hmmmm.

  6. This song is very catchy after listening to it several times. The whistling is pure genius and addicting!
    The song is all fun, perfect for the summertime!

    (The video is fun to watch too!)

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