OPI Smok’n in Havana

Oh Cuba. I have this fascination with Cuba. I think it’s part not being allowed to travel there and part my Mom’s parents lived in Cuba for a time when my grandfather, who was a professional baseball player, had spring training there for a few seasons. It’s just one of those places I really want to go! So of course when I spotted a special OPI display at Ulta for Smok’n in Havana I just had to have it.

Smok’n in Havana was part of OPI’s Spring 1996 Caribbean collection. It is currently not part of the permanent collection but thankfully OPI occasionally releases retired colors through these special displays.

This is definitely more of a Fall/Winter polish, but I couldn’t wait that long to try it! Smok’n in Havana is a slightly brown leaning red with gold shimmer. I ended up quite liking this polish and can see myself wearing this alot in the cooler months. Even still, I do think it would look better on warmer skintones. It’s isn’t the most flattering red on me.

Check out below the jump for a close up of the super pretty gold shimmer!




4 responses to “OPI Smok’n in Havana

  1. Pretty color! I love the gold shimmer. That’s really neat that your grandfather played professional baseball!

  2. Gorgeous, I love it

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