SinfuColors Unicorn

Finally a yellow that works with pale skintones! I picked this polish up AGES ago but have, quite honestly, been hesitant to actually try it. Yellows are almost always a disaster. The formula sucks, the color looks terrible on my nails, etc, etc. So my expectations were low. Luckily Unicorn exceeded my expectations!

Unicorn was a new Sinful Colors  release at the beginning of 2011. It is a gorgeous very pale yellow creme. The base color is quite similar to Revlon Sunshine Sparkle. To my surprise (and delight) this color was quite flattering on me. Though while this was flattering, the formula was a pain to deal with. It is very runny and quite thin. I used four good coats to get an even, non blotchy color. Even still, considering how flattering this was on me, it was worth the effort.

Despite the formula problems, out of my current stash, this is easily my favorite!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I had a fabulous dinner with my family (we even talked about TDV!) and a great time that night with my friends. My birthday manicure was butter LONDON Macbeth (not that anyone should be shocked by that…).


9 responses to “SinfuColors Unicorn

  1. I mimic everything you said about this polish. This is the only yellow that works for me. Formula was terrible and stained my nails, but it’s just nice to find a yellow I finally love! 😛 Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Try SH Yellow Kitty. Same color, better formula. Four times the price, though :-S

  3. I have Yellow Kitty ( but STILL need Unicorn. I believe Unicorn is a bit lighter- so I find it worth checking out. I’m super fair, too and I’m excited for another light baby yellow.

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