Sally Girl Surfs Up

I’ve been on a serious Sally’s kick lately. I seem to always be in there for SOMETHING. Not too long ago I was buying some new hair products when I, of course, became distracted by the Sally Girl nail polish display. In the past I have only used one Sally Girl polish; Sally Girl U-Glow Girl. My experience with U-Glow Girl wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t bad either. The tiny little .18 ounce bottles were just so cute I had to pick one up!

One thing that is particularly frustrating about these nail polishes is the way they are labeled. There are no names on the bottle or display; just numbers. BUT on the website all of the polishes do have names. So after matching the number (812047) to the product on the website I did learn this polish is called Surfs Up.

Surfs Up is a blue leaning teal that, to my surprise, was a neon. The polish itself isn’t necessarily bright like a traditional neon, but the formula was just like that of a neon; somewhat thin and dried to that strange matte finish. A shiny top coat is definitely required! I ended up using 3 coats and was perfectly happy with the results.

I ended up really enjoying this nail polish. Sally Girl polishes retail for under a buck at Sally Beauty Supply. I definitely plan on checking out some other colors!


3 responses to “Sally Girl Surfs Up

  1. I love the color! How long did it last for before chipping?

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