Orly Bubbly Bombshell

When I first saw the promo pictures for Orly’s Summer 2011 Pin-Up collection I knew Bubble Bombshell needed to be in my life. It’s basically me….in a bottle!

Bubbly Bombshell has multi sized magenta leaning purple glitter in a clear base. Even though the base is clear, the glitter is quite dense, though I did need three coats to make the glitter opaque on the nail. A thick top coat is definitely needed to give the glitter a smooth finish.

As far as wear goes this was pretty good. I always have issues with glitter polishes chipping in really huge chunks not too long after I put them on, but Bubbly Bombshell wore for a couple of days with just tip wear.

Before this I hadn’t worn a full on glitter manicure since OPI Absolutely Alice and let me just say I had forgotten what a pain it is to remove glitter polish! 100% acetone is the only way to go….

5 responses to “Orly Bubbly Bombshell

  1. hey. you stole my quote. i’d like to be recognized.



  2. If you want a good glitter remover I highly suggest the Zoya Remove + nail polish remover 🙂 It’s on zoya.com. Bit expensive but let me tell you, it’s the only one I will use!!!

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