CQ – Golden Green

I very rarely go to Rite Aid – it’s out of the way for me and I could probably hit 5 CVS and Walgreens stores that are all within the same distance to this one lonely Rite Aid. I was on a mission to find the LE Mermaid’s Cove Display as some of you know if you follow us on twitter.

No luck at Rite Aid either, but I did decide it was about time I tried a CQ polish – yes! Can you believe it? This is a new to me brand. So let’s get to it! I liked the brush and bottle cap – no problems there – very easy to handle and maneuver. And… I like the polish too! The application was very easy for me, the polish went on smoothly and I used three coats (but you really only need two). I love the color – it’s a metallic olive – very unique – and when you get in the sun you can see a big of multicolored microglitter shimmer going on. All in all? Win.

So… I realize it wasn’t so long ago that I said I was tired of greens & didn’t want another. I’m not sure what happened because lately I’m loving greens – especially really dark greens & what I affectionately call ugly greens: No More War, Mossy Britches.

What do you think? I showed it to Alli and she just said “Ew.” I like it a lot though!

Oh! I almost forgot! If you didn’t see our FacebookLex Cosmetics is having a special promotion – 30% off Cayman Cabana (Check out Kellie Gonzo‘s awesome swatch here) through May – which is PERFECT for me because that’s the next one I wanted to try! All you do is enter code x1u9x3y7v2 on the shop page πŸ™‚

Now that I’ve written a short novel, I’ll wish you all a marvelous Monday πŸ™‚

3 responses to “CQ – Golden Green

  1. I love that color. It reminds me of China Glaze’s, “Peace On Earth.”

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