Essie California Coral

Ah yes. Another coral! I didn’t need this polish, but (there’s always a but…) with such a cute name I just couldn’t pass it up. I love nail polishes named after places I’ve been on vacation. They just make me happy! It’s kind of like reliving your vacation through nail polish….

Ok, anyway, now that I sound a little crazy, back to the nail polish. California Coral is a bright true coral creme. It’s not too orange, and it’s not too pink. It’s just a perfect coral.

The formula was good. The color is quite opaque, but I did need three coats for the color to be opaque and even.

As far as I know this is part of Essie’s permanent collection. It seems to be readily available.


7 responses to “Essie California Coral

  1. Such a great color! I always seem to grab corals, and this looks like a great one!

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  3. Beautiful color! I tend to also buy colors I don’t need with a name I love lol.

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