OPI – Silver Shatter

Since Shatter & Crackle are all the craze lately – I had to pick up a bottle of Silver Shatter. To be quite honest, I didn’t really like Black Shatter – the formula in my bottle was lumpy and ridiculously hard to work with and I’ve pretty much put it aside for now – but something about a silver shatter really drew me in.

So… was my experience better or am I ready for a new trend to take over?

Well, application wise Silver Shatter was much easier to handle for me – ten times easier. I decided to put it over Grape Pop. I love Grape Pop and haven’t worn it in ages. The polish was smooth and not lumpy and went on fairly easily. When I first put this on last night I was like… ehhh… – in fact I almost took it off. But I decided to give it a day and see. And…. I’m glad I did. I liked it a lot better today.

The silver shatter really sparkles in the sun – and even more so in my pictures – it has multicolored microglitter that I didn’t notice til I swatched it. Yay for multicolored glitter, right? Right.

So… I guess all in all I’m not going to write off shatters and crackles just yet – and I’d love to see a gold shatter come out. I’d like to try Silver Shatter over a light blue like or a light green – maybe For Audrey or Lapis of Luxery? Hmmm.

Let me know if you’ve found a combination that you love!


8 responses to “OPI – Silver Shatter

  1. I LOVE THIS! I just bought grape pop online too! Now I need this silver crackle… lol

    • Ohhh! You’ll love grape pop! It’s pretty much the perfect purple cream. Alli loves it too 🙂

      And… the silver shatter really is awesome. I like it soooo much more than black shatter.

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