SinfulColors Hazard

Walgreens had a $.99 Sinful Colors sale this week. I, of course, had to pick up at least a few colors. This Spring I’ve been just obsessed with pale cremes. I don’t know why, those colors generally don’t look amazing on me. But alas, I can’t help myself!

Hazard definitely falls into the pale creme category. It is a pale orange creme that has the slightest bit of a pinky undertone. I was weary of this color, but it looked surprisingly good on me.

Application was not great. While the formula is opaque and not runny, the first two coats were EXTREMELY streaky. It did even out using a third coat, though I had to be quite careful with the application to avoid streaks.

Aside from the application issues, I ended up liking this polish quite a bit. It wore very well and was a nice change from my seemingly obsession with coral polishes lately (seriously, someone needs to confiscate butter LONDON Macbeth, I can’t stop wearing it!).

SinfulColors nail polish is available at Rite Aide, Walgreens and Target and retail for $1.99.


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