Royal Wedding Manicure

I just keep creeping further and further into nail art! Unless you’ve been (literally) living under a rock you know the royal wedding is just a week away. I had been trying to think of some British inspired manicures to do in honor of the event. There’s always the amazing OPI Dating a Royal and OPI I’m a Princess, You’re Not!, but I wanted something a little more obvious.

Yesterday I was in Sally Beauty Supple and saw Nina Ultra Pro Sailor. It looked like a really great not too dark, not too navy, deep blue (I love this polish, by the way, I’ll be doing a post on it soon :)). I thought this would be the PERFECT base for a British flag accent nail. I picked up white and red nail art polishes and gave it a shot.

I did practice a couple of times on my old manicure before taking it off, and it’s obviously not perfect, but I do love the way it turned out. It’s fun and not too over the top.

Today I did quite a few compliments on this manicure. Over the next week I think I’ll we wearing this quite a bit!

Is anyone else really excited about the royal wedding? If you have any cute manicure ideas, please share!


9 responses to “Royal Wedding Manicure

  1. FleurDeForce on YouTube?

    • I wish I had watched that first, I would have known not to connect the skinny red lines with the thicker red lines!

      There was a picture floating around on Tumblr ages ago of a manicure with a Union Jack, which is where I originally got this idea.

  2. I think yours looks better anyways 🙂

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