NYC I Heart NYI finally spotted the NYC limited edition Color That Never Sleeps display at Rite Aid. NYC claims that this polish lasts up to 7 days and makes nails up to 40% longer and 50% stronger in just 5 days. None of the colors looked to be unique enough not to be a dupe of something I already own, but with such bold claims I obviously had to give the line a shot. I finally decided on I Heart NY. The name is cute and I can’t seem to get enough tomato/cherry red polishes.

I ❤ NY is somewhere between a cherry red and tomato red creme. The formula is wonderful. It has a bit of a jelly feel to it, but I only needed two coats for opaque coverage.

As far as NYC’s claim that this polish lasts for 7 days….just no. I had a significant chip on the second day of wear. I haven’t worn this polish enough to be able to comment on the other claims.

The bottle and brush are the same as the In A New York Minute polish line. The only difference is the top. This line has a wide, short cap. While it looks nice, it isn’t the best for holding while applying the polish.

Despite not being unique, I do really like this polish. It’s hard to find a polish that applies so beautifully in just two coats and the jelly feel of the formula makes it great for Spring/Summer.

Rite Aid is the only place I have seen this display. The polishes retails for $2.49.


6 responses to “NYC I ♥ NY

  1. Do you think jellies don’t last as long as other types? I really get aggravated when a company will make a claim that it lasts XX amount of time and then it doesn’t even come close.

    Aside from all that, the color is a great red.

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with it being a jelly. I’ve had great wear from alot of jellies from various brands.

      Maybe I’m just too hard on my hands, but I’m never able to get the number of days out of a manicure these long wearing polishes claim.

  2. wow that looks like one bright red lol

  3. Love, so pretty! I only have Walgreens and CVS’s in Chicago- I wish we had Rite Aid’s!

    • I don’t think this line is exclusive to Rite Aid. It’s up to each individual store what LE collections they carry. So maybe you’ll get lucky 🙂

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