Essie – One Day Without Blues

Essie partnered up with Tom’s to promote the One Day Without Shoes event tomorrow, April 5th. It’s a really nice idea – go a day without shoes to bring attention to the fact that so many children don’t have shoes to wear and are exposed to hazards and illnesses as a result.  The two gave away 5,000 bottles of this gorgeous nail polish if you filled out a form on their Facebook page. I was very excited to receive mine – and have worn it twice in the week I’ve had it

The polish is great – it’s a brilliant sky blue, not too light, not too royal – with a really awesome light blue/silver shimmer effect – I wouldn’t go as far as to call it microglitter so we’ll stick with shimmer.

The application was awesome – 2 coats and I was set – which really pleased me for an Essie. Also I guess I should note that the line in the middle of my middle finger has nothing to do with the polish and much more to do with the fact that my middle nail would very much like to split right down the middle and I didn’t use a base coat before I put this on  – oops!

So… what do you think? Did anyone else score this awesome polish? Will you be participating in One Day Without Shoes?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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