Vanessa Hudgens inspired manicure

I’m always looking for new, fun ways to wear nail polish. Wearing one nail a different color is nothing new, but when I saw this picture of Vanessa Hudgens I immediately thought “what a great idea!”.

Basically she has every nail except the ring finger one color, and the ring finger is a glitter in the same color range. Vanessa did a neutral manicure, but I decided to give it a try using purples. I used Ulta Duty Free Shopping Spree and OPI Show It and Glow It!. Surprisingly, I like the way this turned out. Using a glitter in the same color range as the other nails kept it subtle enough but the difference in finishes gave an otherwise standard manicure some interest.

I definitely think I’ll be trying this with other colors. Gives me a fabulous excuse to use glitter!


3 responses to “Vanessa Hudgens inspired manicure

  1. I do this all the time. I like to have fun with my nails but I need to keep it appropriate for my business casual workplace. My favorite thing to so is a fun color with 1-2 coats of Milani Gems on my ring fingers and sometimes my thumbs. I will also do a an Orly iridescent glitter (I can’t remember the name of it) on the special fingers. It keeps it fun without being obvious. Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure works well as an accent nail also.

    • Keeping it somewhat subtle really is the key.

      I hadn’t thought of doing it with anything other than full on glitter. I might try something like Orly Prisma Gloss or one of the CND effects. Great idea!

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