OPI – Black Shatter (Go VCU!)

Alli & I are both HUGE college basketball fans… though we’re quite divided. She’s a UNC fan and I’m a Duke fan. Since Duke is out, I’m obviously cheering for the home team (Richmond, VA) – VCU and well their colors are… you got it – Black & Yellow (or Gold…)

When I painted my nails this morning I couldn’t decide between funky french, half moon, or using Shatter. I’ve used OPI’s Black Shatter before and I guess I like it well enough, but I guess it’s taken me a while to get used to applying it well – It always ends up too thick or far too thin (as you can see on my ring finger). I decided to give Shatter another shot – and I really like the results. I put it over top 3 coats of Color Clubs Almost Famous.

I went out to lunch with my grandparents and they thought it was super cute – as did their friends – and really that’s why I did it – I knew they’d enjoy it. I was fully prepared to take it off this afternoon because I thought VCU beating Kansas was an impossible dream – but they won!

5 teams left and in a few hours it’ll just be four. I’m cheering for Carolina in the next game. How about you?




2 responses to “OPI – Black Shatter (Go VCU!)

  1. Are y’all in Richmond? I live here too and love your blog! Go Rams!!

    • I do live in Richmond! That’s so exciting for me that someone from Richmond is reading. Yay! And GO RAMS!!! I think it’s so exciting for the city that VCU is going to the Final Four!

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