petites COLOR FEVER Black Diamond

petites COLOR FEVER Black DiamondThis is a polish I have been wanting for ages! I never picked it up because the price of it was quite ridiculous. This brand is sold only at Rite Aid (I think…) and retails for $3.99 for .25oz. Pretty ridiculous for a drugstore polish, right? Well, this is currently on clearance for $.99. Even if your Rite Aid doesn’t have a clearance sign for this color, it will ring up as being on clearnace.

Anyway, Black Diamond is a charcoal gray polish with scattered holographic microglitter. Basically, this is the black/charcoal version of the version of OPI My Private Jet that I have. Application was great, it applied easily in two coats.

As far as the holographic glitter in this polish goes, it’s scattered and not IN YOUR FACE holographic. This is a toned down version of Color Club Revvvolution.

This is the kind of holographic polish I like. I don’t like linear holographic polish nor do I like crazy super obvious holographic polishes, either. So this is perfect for me. Especially for $.99!


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