Maybelline Express Finish Plum Aluminum

Maybelline Express Finish Plum AluminumDollar Tree win! I picked this up at the Dollar Tree recently in a two pack. I will probably never wear the other polish, but that’s fine since I love this polish so much 🙂

Plum Aluminum is a purple and silver foil. Plum is not the right word to describe this particular purple so I’m not quite sure what is going on with the name. But, none the less, I really like this polish! The application was great. I used three coats and had no significant issues. And like the name promises, this polish does dry quickly.

The finish is very similar to polishes from the Essence Fairy Tale and Orly FoilFX collections. And just like those polishes, the wear isn’t great. I had pretty bad chipping on the second day of wear.

I also picked up Purple Aluminum. After the good experience I had with this polish I can’t wait to try it out!


3 responses to “Maybelline Express Finish Plum Aluminum

  1. I picked up a few of these a while back at Dollar Tree. They kind of remind me of the OPI Suedes. They’re still untried though, eek!

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