essence – Tinka’s Dress

Tinka's Dress I was so excited when Ulta started carrying the special essence displays. The first one I saw was Denim Wanted but none of those polishes seemed different enough to justify buying.  Most recently the Fairytale collection has been at Ulta and Alli got Humpty Dumpty and Fairy Berry, while I got Tinka’s Dress and Welcome to Wonderland.

Once I got home I looked at Tinka’s dress and I was like ehh… because it seemed more orange in the bottle than I would have liked – but it’s actually quite pretty. I’d describe it as a coppery champagne metallic. Very sparkly, very pretty.

The application was good, I used two coats. Not so much a fan of the shorter bottle top only because it’s harder for me to control. I do love the packaging – very pretty and fairytale like – and I love butterflies.

Happy Saturday!


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