Finger Paints Carnation Creation

Finger Paints Carnation CreationFor Spring 2011 Finger Paints released a new limited edition collection; Palette of Petals. The display is super cute and each polish comes with a plastic flower ring.

Carnation Creation is a medium teal creme and is gorgeous! I really love this color. And the formula was pure perfection. This could be a one coater if I had paid more attention, but I used two coats. With any polish in this color range a base coat is an absolute must, otherwise it will stain your nails.

The only complaint I have about this polish is the wear. Granted, I did not use a top coat. Really for no other reason than by the time I got around to putting on a top coat it was already dry so I decided to skip it. Without a topcoat I had alot of issues with tipwear within the first day of wear.

Finger Paints is exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply and retails for $4.99. Picture of the wonderfully tacky yet fun ring that came with this polish below the jump.


3 responses to “Finger Paints Carnation Creation

  1. Is your polish kind of thick? I bought this color a few days ago, it definitely needs some thinner. Maybe its just my bottle.

    • Hmmm, it’s definitely on the thick side but it’s not so thick that it made me want to thin it out at all. I had no problems applying it nor was the formula difficult to work with.

      I’ve never really heard of Finger Paints having any kind of inconsistency in their formulas, so it may just be personal preference. Idk.

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