NYC Flat Iron Green

NYC Flat Iron GreenAh yes, it is the infamous Flat Iron Green! This was all the rage probably a year ago so of course I had to pick it up. For some reason I just never got around to using it. When I started hearing stirs of dark green being a Spring nail polish trend I decided to finally try this polish.

Flat Iron Green is an almost black dark green creme. In anything but direct sun or bright artificial light this appears to be black. Even still it’s somehow less harsh against my super pale skin. I ended up really loving this color!

The formula is fabulous. It applied wonderfully in two coats. Even though this polish claims to be a quick dry polish I would recommend using a top coat with it. For some reason it never seems to get hard, even though it feels dry.

For a dark polish this also wore extremely well. I cannot stand tip wear with dark manicure and I wore this two days before changing it (I probably could have gotten another day out of it but I was bored!).

Anyways, I’m definitely on board for this trend. I have some other great dark green options in my collection including OPI Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow, Essie Going Incognito and Orly Enchanted Forest.

Are you on board with this trend or will you be sticking to more traditional polishes for Spring? Have any other recommendations for me to try out?

7 responses to “NYC Flat Iron Green

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  3. I’m still obsessed with dark greens! Love this polish.

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