butter LONDON Macbeth

butter LONDON MacBethI love a nail polish with a story! I stumbled across a fabulous boutique in one of my favorite shopping districts in my city and was more than excited to discover they carried butter LONDON. Along with the newer collections they also had the permanent line. I saw MacBeth and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with it. Spring has arrived and this just looked like the perfect Spring nail polish. Sadly, they were out, but more were on order. So yes, I was actually for a short time on a waitlist for nail polish.

This polish was worth the wait. Macbeth is an orange but not too orange coral creme. The formula is pure perfection; it applies perfectly in two coats. I topped it with my favorite top coat and wore it for three days with very little tip wear and no major chips. And despite the orange undertones, this looks good against my cool skintone.

As much as I do love this polish, it isn’t exactly unique. I have some similar colors in my collection. Sally Hansen Caribbean Coral is close to the same color though is not a creme; OPI Big Hair…Big Nails is slightly more orange and a jelly; Borghese Capri Coral is probably the closest (though I haven’t done a post on it yet…I’ll get to that soon! Maybe even do a comparison…).


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  3. This is so you. The recent you anyway 🙂

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