Maybelline Blue Brilliance

Maybelline Blue BrillianceThis is a lesson in always, always read the fine print! I spotted the Spring 2011 Limited Edition Maybelline display at Walgreens, saw Blue Brilliance and picked it up immediately. Sadly I failed to read the fine print on the display; “lightly gleaming nails.” Ew!

In the bottle it looks like a pale blue with a lilac duochrome effect. On the nail, not so much. For a polish called Blue Brilliance I don’t see any blue and it’s certainly not brilliant! Most of the time this polish appears purple. It occasionally flashes green.

Maybelline Blue Brilliance MACROThe formula is VERY thin. This was 4 coats. I had problems with bubbles; this is supposed to be a quick dry nail polish, but I had problems with bed nails. It was just overall a very frustrating experience.

If you can get past the bad formula and frustrating application, this is a pretty unique polish. It’s the same idea as Wet n Wild Gray’s Anatomy and OPI I’m a Princess, You’re Not! (though both of these had superior formulas).

That being said, I doubt I will ever wear this again. And I definitely won’t be picking up any of the other colors from this collection.



2 responses to “Maybelline Blue Brilliance

  1. Oh, darn. I picked this up this AM and loved how it looks in the bottle. 😦

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