essence Fairy Berry

essence Fairy BerryThis is the second of the two polishes I picked up from essence’s Limited Edition Fairytale collection. The bottles are so cute! And polishes from essence limited edition lines are only $1.99.

Fairy Berry is a red based purple/silver metallic that is packed with microglitter. The finish reminds me a great deal of the Orly FoilFX collection. Like Humpty Dumpty, the formula is great; very opaque and not at all streaky. I did have some wear issues with Humpty Dumpty when I used three coats, so I stuck to just two coats here and didn’t have any problems with peeling. It seems with these polishes, the less coats you use, the better. That being said, ANY polish with these kind of formula and finish is not going to wear as well as a normal polish.

This collection is still available at Ulta. There are two other polishes in the collection (as well as makeup; I love the eyeshadow I picked up!).


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