essence Walk of Fame

essence Walk of FameThis is one of those polishes I always look at but never buy. Well, the other day I decided to just buy it. For $.99 how badly can I be disappointed?

Walk of Fame is a cool taupe creme. It has definite purple undertones and depending on the light it can look more gray or more brown. Either way, it’s a fabulous neutral color that looks great against my skintone. The formula was equally fabulous. Opaque in two coats and not at all streaky.

I’m glad I finally picked this up. It’s a good addition to surprisingly small collection of neutrals.


2 responses to “essence Walk of Fame

  1. I can’t enough of these smokey colors. I’m glad more and more seem to be appearing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have Nubar Pharaoh’s Purple, which is in the same family, but I think I like the cooler tone of this one better.

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