Wet n Wild fastdry – Ebony Hates Chris (+ Party of 5 Glitters)

Okay – I know. I’m a sucker for black cremes – black quick dry cremes at that.  This is from Wet n Wild’s new Fast Dry line which so far I like well enough but not nearly as much as the Wild Shine line. I picked up Ebony Hates Chris, Party of Five Glitters, and Grays Anatomy (which I love!).

There is absolutely nothing special about Ebony hates Chris – and I don’t even really like the name… I feel like they could’ve gotten a lot craftier with the name… Anyway… I’m okay with a “not so special” black creme that applies well – and this doesn’t – it was thick and goopy and just overall.. blah.

So… I decided to top it with Party of 5 Glitters -which I think is a lot of fun over black. Anyway – Alli already reviewed Party of 5 Glitters – and she’d made a comment one day that someone had posted that their bottle didn’t have any gold- so when I put mine on – mine didn’t have any gold glitter either- so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there are at least 2 batches. Mine was also much – much more dense – I used 1 (and a half – for some bare spots that I wanted to have my glitter) coat and Alli 3-4. In the picture on the left it looks like there’s a bit of gold – but that was just my indoor lighting – there’s no gold for me at all.

Also I suppose I should throw out there that my impatient nature didn’t allow me to test the “fastdry” properties of either of these polishes – I just slapped on a coat of Seche Vite as per usual.

Anyway – sorry for my mini leave of absence. I’ll be posting more regularly now 🙂

Miss me?



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