NYC East Village

NYC East VillageAgainst my better judgement I picked up this polish at Target awhile back. I am not a fan of frosted nail polishes. For example, I hated SinfulColors Aqua and in the bottle this polish reminded me a bit of it. But sometimes I just can’t help myself.

East Village is a glowy seemingly frosted bright blue. But for some reason the frost didn’t bother me. There were no brush strokes and it was just kind of glowy on the nails.

Although I do like the color, the formula is terrible. It’s super sheer. I had to use 4 coats to get anything close to an opaque color. And this claims to be a quick dry polish but as late as a day later I could dent the polish by just pressing my nail into it.

So over all, great color, bad formula. Definitely use a top coat!


2 responses to “NYC East Village

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  2. No wonder they are selling them for in duo pack at the Dollar Store, picked it up with the Flat Iron Green

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