OPI – Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em

So… I went to Ulta the other day and I saw the Texas Collection. I felt completely underwhelmed to be honest. There was nothing that seemed overly unique or special. I wasn’t planning on buying any of them… but there was all the buzz about the “revolutionary” amazing “sorbet” finish – so I caved. I grabbed Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em – since I figured I really can’t go wrong with a(nother) bright pink.

The polish.. it’s fine & really it’s very pretty –  but there’s nothing OMG MUST HAVE amazing about it. Of course I like jelly finishes – and that’s all this is – but after so many amazing collections in a row (Swiss, Burlesque, Katy Perry…) I feel a bit let down.

As far as Too Hot goes – the application is decent, you need to apply it thinly and carefully and it took 4 coats to get the look I was going for.

I don’t know… I think if it hadn’t come so close on the tails of Katy Perry and Black Shatter hype – I’d probably be a little more enthusiastic about the collection so I’m not going to write it off completely yet…

I would love to know what everyone else is thinking about this collection…

Happy Wednesday!


14 responses to “OPI – Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em

  1. Hi Katie,
    Is this a neon? I have read a few blogs that have said its OPI’s first like neon. Then when I read everyone elses reviews they do not state anything about its neon character.
    So is it a neon to you?
    If so, I may…. just may… grab only this one. But probably won’t! Lol!
    Because, I completely agree with you. This collection was disappointing.
    I guess the awesome collections right before this had us wanting/expecting the same thing again….and even more!
    Yet,they did not give it to us though! Whaaaa! Boooo! Lol!!
    I have 2 boys and love/need OPI’s….. because of their 2 coat consistency. I do not have time for the new Sorbets that need 3-4 coats.

    Love your blog!

  2. Shoot! I forgot to click on the “Notify me follow-up comments” on the first comment. So I did it on this.Lol!
    Just in case you have time to reply to my neon question.

    • You know – I got notified on my phone about this comment and I was like a neon? No way! But… I’m wearing this for the 2nd time today – and while I wouldn’t say it’s a neon by any means… it is bright. I tend to think of neons as super bright that most often dry with a matte finish and need a super shiny top coat…I’m also liking it more than when I first posted – I mean… I still see nothing “revolutionary” about this “sorbet” finish but… jellies are always nice. If you’re looking for a more neon looking polish – I’d maybe see if you can find Color Club Warhol (from the Poptastic collection – I reviewed the whole collection about a year ago. Sinful Colors also has some good neons…

      I’m glad you asked the question though. I don’t know if I was helpful in the slightest though.

      Have a great weekend!

    • Also – as far as the color goes – my picture of it in direct sunlight is color accurate 🙂

  3. Bought this color today and absolutely love it. Went on evenly with two coats and will probably be my staple color through the spring and summer months. Thanks for the review, inspired me to go searching for it.

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  5. I had this color applied at a salon and love it. I don’t really think it’s a “hot pink”. I felt it was more of a berry red. It did take several coats to get a nice deep color. But it’s very pretty and I would purchase this color and wear again!

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  9. The TX collection has grown on many. It was basically a bomb when first released. Now in retrospect, many are coming back around to some of the shades in it. I do like using the sorbets for jelly sandwiches a ton. Totally Forth Worth It has some nice duochrome going on in it. There has been a lot of attention of late given to the teal in the TX collection – Austint=taous Teal I think it’s called. I had to buy Houston We have a Purple just for the name – it made me giggle. Try layering your sorbets on top of each other – the more orange one with the more rose one. They look really pretty mixed that way.

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