China Glaze – Sea Spray (+ Dupe!)

Ok. Let me first apologize for the embarassing state of my cuticles – I’d just taken off Teenage Dream.

Sea Spray is from China Glaze’s Spring 2011 collection: Anchors Away. While the collection as a whole didn’t really wow me – as soon as I saw Sea Spray I knew I had to have it. I love dusty light blues – with shimmer to boot. I didn’t catch the shimmer very well in this picture but I did get a good bottle picture (see below).

The application was okay – just okay – it was kind of thick yet runny at the same time. I think you can see that a little bit on my nails. Overall I love the look. After nail gazing for a while I thought about comparing it to some other light blues – so digging through my melmer I found L’oreal’s High Tide…. we have a dupe on our hand – and it’s not even a sort of dupe – it’s a solid match 🙂

I’ll continue on more about those in a second but I want you to look at my cuticles in the pictures on this post – then go look at Milani – Dressmaker. All I did was use Sally Hansen’s Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil – it did a WORLD of difference.

Click more to see more pictures of Sea Spray and my comparison of HT and SS 🙂

China Glaze – Sea Spray with Bottle close up:

Now onto my comparison 🙂 – First I’ll show you the bottles:

Pretty close right? Now to see them in action…

Without a doubt they are exactly the same – down to the delicate shimmer. That being said – I really prefer the application of High Tide to Sea Spray – it was a bit smoother to put on and didn’t have the thick-yet-runny thing going on.

Both are gorgeous – but if you already have High Tide you definitely don’t need Sea Spray.



6 responses to “China Glaze – Sea Spray (+ Dupe!)

  1. I read this post the other day and was like, “ooh, pretty blue!” and I’m not even much of a pastel polish kind of girl. Then, I was at Walgreens tonight and found High Tide on clearance for $1. It was a sign! I grabbed it and am excited to try it…probably in the Spring!

  2. Oh all I can say too!

  3. I have to agree with you that Sea Spray was the only one that called my name in that collection… very pretty.

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