Maybelline Colorama 27 Sonic Sunset

Maybelline Colorama Sonic SunsetFinally! The last of my Colorama top coats. I picked this up during a 7 polish Dollar Tree haul along with the similar Ruby Rays. I’m not a huge fan of flakies but as far as flakies go, this is a pretty good one

I used two coats of Sonic Sunset over Wet n Wild Blue Moon. For the most part Sonic Sunset flashes between orange and green.

Not much else to say about this polish: the pictures speak for themselves! More below the jump.





7 responses to “Maybelline Colorama 27 Sonic Sunset

  1. I love this! I wish my dollar tree had good ones like these lol

  2. I found my Coloramas at Big Lots.

    While I like it, I think the flakie top coat is a little “liquid-y.”

  3. Do you guys live in new england? I tend to find amazing polish’s there.

  4. Sorry I meant to say Ocean State Job Lot as the place I find a ton of polish’s. Those stores are found in New England 🙂

  5. I, on the other hand, love flakies. I’m hoping my Dollar Trees will have Colorama top coats.

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