Milani – HD

Milani - HD After rediscovering my holographic love yesterday with Digital – I decided to pull a few more out of the Melmer. Today I have for you HD – a pretty standard silver holo – though it’s the only one I own, I’ve seen swatches of plenty.

While the holo effect is much stronger in HD than Digital, it took several more coats – 4-5 to get it even and fully opaque. But isn’t 4-5 too much? Nah, not with this polish – the coats apply so so well and as with Digital they dry quite fast.

If you missed out on these when they first released – they are still in stores in the core display and are available online at for 3.99 on sale (normally 4.99).


Hope you are all enjoying a restful Sunday!


7 responses to “Milani – HD

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  3. Very pretty. Can you help me out with something though? I am looking for Kiss Me At Midnight by OPI by Nicole. Where can I find it? It was a Christmas release. Are there any shades that you know of that are close to it by someone else? Thanks.

  4. I haven’t seen them at my Ulta since before Christmas. Can’t find it on the internet, neither on E Bay or Amazon. If anyone can find it anywhere, please let me know. Thanks.

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