Katie’s Best of 2010

Without further ado- here are my 10 favorite polishes of 2010 – in no particular order because that would be impossible….

1. OPI – Glitzerland






2. Maybelline – Grey-T Glamour









3. Essence – Choose Me!












4. OPI – From A to Z-urich













5. Milani – I’m Online!










6. Zoya – Kelly










7. Nina Ultra Pro – Mossy Britches












8. Sonia Kashuk – Starry Night












9. OPI – Ski Teal We Drop (+ with Hidden Treasure)











10. OPI – The Show Must Go On!











Favorite Collection: OPI’s Swiss Collection

Honorable Mention: Sally Hansen – Grey Area (aka Nina Ultra Pro – Never Glum Plum aka Essie – Smokin Hot!)

What were your favorites?


3 responses to “Katie’s Best of 2010

  1. I’m definitely going to look for Maybelline’s
    Grey-T Glamour. It’s so pretty!

    *Love your picks & Happy New Year!*

    • Thank you! I love it! It was part of Maybelline’s Fall Fashion Week line – it was Limited Edition but you may get lucky and find it at a random drugstore. Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. My favorite was Pqarty Hearty by China Glaze. It was beautiful over Jolly Holly.

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