Sally Hansen – Grey Area (& Never Glum Plum comparison)

I was at Walgreens the other day and spotted the 4 new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear colors – I thought about getting the minty green but chose Grey Area instead.

It’s a gorgeous purple based dark grey and I love it. The application was outstanding – very smooth – and two coats and I was all set. I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite (of course). I’m very happy with this purchase.

Overall, it’s gorgeous – and guess what! It’s an almost exact dupe for Never Glum Plum… which is a dupe for Essie’s Smokin Hot. Go ahead and check out Alli’s comparison of Never Glum Plum & Smokin Hot 🙂 My comparison (my first comparison!) of Never Glum Plum and Grey Area below the jump.

Comparison Time!

Nina Ultra Pro’s Never Glum Plum vs. Sally Hansen Grey Area

I’m not sure if it’s my skin tone or my camera but I seemed to pick up more of the purple undertones than Alli did.  I showed her several pictures and she couldn’t pick out which finger was Never Glum Plum – I’ll cut you all a break and tell you.

If I had to give you the differences between the two – I’d say that Grey Area has a better application and Never Glum Plum is only slightly lighter. That’s it.

Happy Sunday!
Edit: These are so similar that I actually mislabeled my original post – this one is correct though – I put Never Glum Plum on my middle finger.


5 responses to “Sally Hansen – Grey Area (& Never Glum Plum comparison)

  1. I recently purchased Gray Area and am loving it. Like you noted, the application is so incredibly smooth…I’d go so far as to say this is my favorite gray yet.

    • I really really love it 🙂 I’m so glad I put down the mint green one and got this one instead – but if all the formulas are this good in the newish colors then ahh..

  2. Also, nice comparison shot and analysis.

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