Essie Damsel in a Dress

Essie Damsel in a DressI picked this up on clearance at Beauty Brands. I’m not sure why it was on clearance as it is currently still part of Essie’s permanent collection, but alas, I’m not going to complain! This was originally released as part of Essie’s Winter 2008 If The Color Fits collection.

Essie describes Damsel in a Dress as a “oh-so-deep iridescent currant.” That is pretty accurate. It’s a deep reddish purple with this gorgeous silver microglitter that almost seems like it sits on top of the polish.

The formula is a bit on the thin side (to be expected for Essie!). I used three coats but as you can see on my ring finger I have a very obvious bald spot.

The base color is almost exactly the same as OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight but the different type of shimmer makes the polishes different enough to justify (at least for me!) owning both.


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