OPI Gift of Gold

OPI Gift of GoldI have always had great luck with Ulta OPI exclusives. Merry Merry and Think Merry! Pink Merry! are some of my favorite pinks I own. So this year when Ulta had 3 OPI holiday exclusives and they were all available in a super cute mini set for only $6.95, I couldn’t say no.

This is not a polish I would usually wear. I am very cool toned so gold isn’t a great color for me, but I went to a masquerade party over the weekend and my mask was black and gold. So it was the perfect opportunity to wear this polish.

Gift of Gold is a mostly gold glitter polish suspended in a clear base. There is a small amount of red and silver glitter as well. The glitter is VERY dense. This could probably be a one coater (though I did do two coats). The formula is a bit on the thick side, which is fine except I happen to have a mini bottle. So the opening isn’t that large. Like I do with every polish, before I put the polish on my nails I wipe of the excess on the side of the opening. Well after a while this begins to collect in the opening and can make dealing with the polish a bit difficult.

The wear of this polish was pretty bad. Usually glitters wear extremely well. OPI’s glitters do not (at least in my experience). I put this on Friday night and by Saturday afternoon I had not just tip wear but huge chips. This polish comes off in huge chunks. The masquerade party I was attending was Saturday night so I touched up the polish and did wear it through Sunday morning. Sunday morning in the shower most of the polish on my nails peeled off in the shower (without any help from me).

So yes, this is a fun polish for the holidays, but the wear is terrible (and as with all glitter polishes, removing it is a pain). I have had some success in extending wear of OPI glitters by using one coat of glitter over a similarly colored base (example Absolutely Alice).

I can’t wait to try All the Berry Best and Plum Full of Cheer 🙂


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