Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour

Victoria's Secret Midnight GlamourI don’t know about y’all, but when I think Victoria’s Secret I certainly don’t think amazing nail polish. So my expectations were not high for this polish. Midnight Glamour is the nail lacquer from the limited edition makeup collection of the same name. I picked it up solely for the packaging. The bottle is gorgeous and I love the stars on the cap.

Much to my surprise (and delight) this polish is AMAZING. Seriously, amazing. Midnight Glamour is a deep navy packed with microglitter as well as some slightly larger pink glitter. It’s so pretty. The sparkle in it is amazing because while it is sparkly it’s not in your face glitter.

Application was also amazing. This is almost a one coater. It probably can be a one coater if you pay attention to application. I used two coats (which is strange for me, I am an habitual three coater) and have no bald spots or streaks.

Probably the ONLY complaint I have about this polish is the brush. For some reason it tends to hold more polish in the middle of the brush which can, if you’re not careful, cause a mess. But once you are aware of this problem it is easily preventable.

This polish retails for $8 and is available at Victoria’s Secret store and online for a limited time.  Though it doesn’t really look like it, this would technically be considered a mini. The bottle is only .24oz. So it is definitely expensive, but in my opinion, well worth it.

Oh, did I mention this also comes in a gorgeous box!? Picture below the jump 🙂


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