Barielle – Snow Day

Barielle - Snow day I’ve been wanting to try Barielle ever since I saw them at Ulta a few months ago. I wasn’t really wow-ed by the Fall Collection so when Alli tweeted that their winter display, Holiday Hustle, was up I called her right away to see if there was anything worth getting. Needless to say I was in my car about 10 minutes later.

I got two: Snow Day and Jess’ Champagne Toast. Snow Days are my most favorite thing in the world so I probably would have gotten this even if it was the most hideous polish on the planet – but as you can see it isn’t. It is however – hard to describe. Indoors it looks more metallic and almost chrome-y. Outside in the sunlight it looks much more frosty and I was surprised  (and excited) to see hints of multi colored micro glitter.

I used two coats and for once, no top coat – the application was smooth – not to thick, not runny at all – pretty close to perfect. I’m thinking it’ll be the perfect color to wear underneath Sally Hansen’s Blue Icing.

So… all in all I love it 🙂 Can’t wait to try Jess’ Champagne Toast.

Happy Monday!


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