Lex Cosmetics Himalayas

Lex Cosmetics HimalayasI love new nail polish brands! Lex Cosmetics is a really unique nail polish brand. The main reason being….all the colors are created by lacquer lovers like me and you. You’re probably wondering how that works. Well, anyone can submit a color idea. If that idea is picked, it is them put up for a vote. The winning color is then made into a polish.

I really love this idea because I cannot count how many times I’ve seen anything from the color of a car to the color of the sky and thought “hey, that would be an awesome nail polish color!”.

Anyway, onto the polish at hand. Himalayas is a very dark grayed out green. At first glance I thought this may be somewhat similar to Orly Enchanted Forest. I was wrong! I have nothing even close to this in my collection. This green leans towards blue which is what makes it unique.

Application was great. I used only 2 coats and I had streak free, opaque coverage. I was impressed with the wear of this polish. I used Essie Fill the Gap! as a basecoat and Essie Good to Go! as a topcoat. I’m on day 2 right now with zero chipping or tip wear. Keep in mind, especially with dark polishes, I usually only wear them one day because I can’t stand obvious tip wear!

Lex Cosmetics nail lacquer is Bad3Free and can be purchased from lexcosmetics.com. They are $10 a piece. A dollar from each purchase is donated to a charity of the color creator’s choice.

Anyone else think this is as cool of an idea as me? Katie has already submitted a color idea (something to do with a sunset and the Atlantic ocean….). I’m looking forward to seeing if her idea gets picked!


Disclosure: The product(s) used in this post were provided to TDV for review. For more information check out our disclosure policy.


6 responses to “Lex Cosmetics Himalayas

  1. Lexcosmetics nail enamel is super. The colors and coverage is unlike any other enamel. can’t wait for more colors. This product should be in every retail outlet.

  2. You’re so right, this is a great idea. I also look at things like cars and think: I want that color on my nails!

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