Nina Ultra Pro – Mossy Britches

I grabbed this polish when Nina Ultra Pro was on sale last month at Sally’s when I picked up Never Glum Plum, Burnished Bronze and Candi Apple. As soon as I put this on my nails I immediately wondered if it was a dupe for China Glaze’s Peace on Earth – I think we might have a pretty close match, not ready to call it a dupe without comparing it myself but look at this great swatch of Peace on Earth on Kellie Gonzo‘s Blog.

Just based on her review and mine of Mossy Britches – it seems MB may be superiour. MB has the gorgeous olive green frosty/metallic look that PoE does – the multi colored (very) micro glitter is more pronounced and the brush strokes are much less apparent in Mossy Britches.

Application? Awesome – I used 2 coats + a coat of Seche Vite. The formula flowed nicely – not too thick or too thin. I got this because it was so very different from everything in my collection and I am so glad that I did. Nina Ultra Pro is sold at Sally’s Beauty Supply for 3.99.  See below the jump for a picture that really shows how fantastic the multi colored microglitter is!

Have a lovely Sunday!


Mossy Britches:

6 responses to “Nina Ultra Pro – Mossy Britches

  1. Yay! Mossy Britches!

    I love this color. I originally bought this color because it reminded me of O.P.I.’s “At Your Quebec and Call.” Now that you mention it, it DOES favor “Peace On Earth.”

    • It’s fantastic! Really I just bought it because I wanted something really different from anything else in my collection – but I really really like it. I don’t have Quebec but of course now I want it.. 🙂

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  3. I love the colors that Nina Ultra has but in my experience they have NO staying power! I bought the most PERFECT neon pink nail polish by Nina and it peeled almost immediately…despite using CND Stickey and Seche Vite!

    • I’ve had pretty good experiences with Nina. I love Mossy Britches and Velvet Seas is beautiful, I adore Never Glum Plum – and I think I have two others that I haven’t posted about yet. None of them had any wear problems for me – but I know things like that are different for different people. Maybe it’s because it was a neon? I have no idea 😦

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