Rescue Beauty Lounge – No More War

RBL - No More War So… I’ve wanted to try RBL forever. So… when the 50% off sale came around I really couldn’t resist – I justified it by saying it was an early birthday present to myself. I ordered two: No More War and Scrangie. I chose NMW because it is so different from anything I own and I ordered Scrangie because I absolutely love the color and her blog.
My first experience with RBL? Excellent. The application was so smooth and perfect that I’d order every single polish they make if I could afford it. I used two coats + of course my top coat of choice: Seche Vite.

I will say that when I pulled it out of the box I thought to myself “Oh this is kind of ugly maybe I should have ordered something else…” But… once I put it on I really fell in love – it certainly is an ugly/beautiful color – and I haven’t been able to stop looking at my nails all day.

Have a great weekend!





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