Wet n Wild – Red Red

Wet n Wild - Red Red I so rarely wear red nail polish – but when I do I love it.

I picked this up last week when Walgreen’s was having their every-so-often  50% off Wet-n-Wild sale.

I can’t say it’s particularly unique but it is a very pretty red – and for .49 cents? Can’t complain. The application was really excellent – it flowed onto my nails and I only needed two coats and I was set. When I picked it up I thought the name was silly and boring – but it really does describe this polish perfectly – it’s not orange red or pink red or dark red or tomoto red or fire engine red – it’s just red red.

Another thing I like is it’s not one of those reds that’s season specific – you know the “holiday” reds and the “summery” reds – I think this would be appropriate in any season, in any situation. 2 thumbs up.

To be honest – I’m sorry I’ve written off the Wild Shine line for so long – It’s right up there with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear for favorite cheap drugstore nail polish.



10 responses to “Wet n Wild – Red Red

  1. This is so pretty!

  2. Wow! Now THIS is a real red! :)Love it!

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