essence colour&go – Choose Me!

Um. Love. I went to Ulta last week on a very tight budget and picked up a few new things from essence! In the Ulta display they have several new colors. In addition to Choose Me! I got Movie Star which is a grey creme that I’m very excited about. I also saw the Denim Wanted display and got some eye shadow and eye liner – I was super excited because I’d never seen anything by essence other than the display at Ulta.

To be honest I only bought Choose Me! and Movie Star because I wanted something new – but when I got home and put it on I almost freaked out. It’s an insanely close dupe to Zoya’s Charla (check out a comparison here) and OPI’s Catch Me in Your Net  – which I passed on because I found the Summer Flutter collection to be extremely underwhelming.

This polish rocks – it’s SO sparkly and the coverage is great – I used three coats only because I knew I’d be taking pictures but otherwise two would be enough. It’s a beautiful teal with teal, gold, and silver glitter and the sparkle factor reminds me a bit of Absolutely Alice. It’s truly amazing for a polish that only costs 99 cents. When I think of mermaids – this is the color that comes to mind (don’t worry – I don’t often think of mermaids). Anyway – because of the price and awesome factor I’d have to say this is a must have. Go get it!


Happy Halloween!




5 responses to “essence colour&go – Choose Me!

  1. Hi Katie, first of all the most important thing…

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! oh how I love this event 🙂

    Thnx for the link, gotta love good cheap dupes!


  2. I literally lol’d at “don’t worry, I don’t often think of mermaids”


    • well – i wrote it – b/c the polish like screams mermaid – but then i was like umm.. that’s kind of creepy maybe? haha. perhaps i could have worded it better…

      also, no offense if anyone does frequently think of mermaids – i frequently think of vampires.

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