Avon Matte Violetta

Avon ViolettaAvon came out with 4 matte nail polishes for Fall 2010; Violetta, Black as Night, Grey Cement and Red Velvet. I spotted these in the catalog on sale for $3.99 and decided to order one a give them a try.

Violetta is a jewel toned purple with purple and blue microglitter. It’s a really pretty color. And I like the finish alot. It’s not a full on matte, it dries to kind of a metallic finish. The formula and application of this polish is great. The first coat is rather streaky but it evens out nicely with a second coat.

I’ve worn this polish twice. The first time I used a ridge filler as I do with any matte polish (matte polishes show tiny imperfections in my nails I didn’t even know existed). So I did 1 coat of Essie Fill the Gap! and 2 coats of Violetta. I did this at night not too long before I went to bed. I got up the next morning and my manicure chipped in the shower. I was so annoyed I even tweeted about it!

After that experience I decided to give this polish another chance without using a ridge filler. I thought maybe that was the cause of the massive chipping. The next time I used it I applied just 2 coats of Violetta. I did the same thing, applied it at night, got up the next morning and took a shower. It again chipped in the shower. I wore this throughout the morning and afternoon. I wasn’t doing anything crazy with my hands, any normal manicure would have held up just fine. As you can see in the picture, the chipping continued and just got worse. I ended up wearing this polish for something like 20 hours and I just couldn’t take it anymore!

I am fully aware that matte polishes never wear that long. I own many matte polishes from different brands and love them. None of them chip before I even get out of the shower in the morning!

To say the least I’m disappointed. I love this color and I love the finish, but the polish is practically unwearable because of the chipping issues.  I won’t be ordering any of the other matte polishes Avon came out with, though I may give this polish one more shot using a normal base and top coat.

This makes the second Avon polish in a row I just don’t love. Before Rose Gold I had never had a bad experience with any Avon polish. Hopefully Avon can reverse this trend with their Holiday collection.



4 responses to “Avon Matte Violetta

  1. I have the same chipping issue but am testing out different base/ top coats to see what can work with it. The colour is pretty though, right?

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