Sally Girl U-Glow Girl

Sally Girl U-Glow GirlI resisted buying a glow in the dark nail polish for so long. I found it to be rather silly. I mean, glow in the dark nail polish!? Really!? But I was at Sally’s the other day and spotted their Halloween display. Along with the China Glaze Awakening collection, there was a Sally Girl display with this nail polish. It’s a tiny bottle (less than .2 oz) and was only $.99. Basically, I talked myself into buying it. If I was going to get glow in the dark nail polish it was going to be cheap glow in the dark nail polish.

U-Glow Girl is a clear polish except for some microglitter. I decided to try it on top of Orly Goth (this is a Halloween manicure after all). I used 2 coats of Orly goth and 1 coat of Sally Girl U-Glow Girl. Orly Goth does have glitter in it, but the small microglitter is from U-Glow Girl. I actually like the way it looks over the black polish.

As far as this polish glowing in the dark….it does but not very much. My camera was having a hard time picking up the light from my nails, but they are infact glowing. As you can see, the polish glows quite a bit in the bottle. To get the polish to glow on my nails I literally sat them infront of a lamp for what seemed like ages.

I initially only used 1 coat of U-Glow Girl. So I tried adding a second coat. And then a third. I never got it to glow any  more than with just one coat.

So, to say the least, I’m disappointed in this polish. I have no idea if there are glow in the dark polishes that give more glow than this one, but I doubt I’ll be trying any more.

A couple more picture after the jump.





5 responses to “Sally Girl U-Glow Girl

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  2. Most glow in the dark polishes I’ve used didn’t do well unless I used them alone and they required quite a few coats. You have to hold them up to light for a while and then they’ll glow. I’ve never been able to get a glow out of them as a top coat :\

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