Revlon Fire Fox with Essie Good to Go! top coat

Fire Fox is part of Revlon’s Suede Rhapsody collection that has 4 “matte suede” finish polishes. While I really liked the finish of Emerald City I was not crazy about the matte(ish) finish of Fire Fox. The cherry red with tons of microglitter just looked strange, almost dull, with a matte finish. Red is such a classic manicure color, I think the trendy finish just doesn’t work.

I decided to give this polish another try with a coat of Essie Good to Go! top coat. What an improvement! The shiny top coat really brings out the microglitter and gives the polish dimension.

Sadly even with the shiny top coat this polish chips rather quickly. This is a great option for a really quick red manicure since Fire Fox is easy to apply and dries very quickly.

This collection has another red (Ruby Ribbon) that Katie picked up. I’m interested to see how she feels about a red matte polish.



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